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  • Maeve Kelly:

    Fantastic read from cover to cover!

    I have just finished Barbelo’s Blood and I have to say it is an excellent roller-coaster ride through 1980s’ Brixton through the eyes of Captain Joseph Barbelo. Along this ride expect to contemplate many conspiracies and philosophies while experiencing the mental twists and turns of a man exposed to two world wars. I found it an eye-opening adventure from start to finish and a very intuitive portrayal of an elderly man trying to grasp what has happened to the world around him.

    Maeve Kelly

  • Joe S.:

    “Fantastical storyline. One of best reads ever. A combination of darkness, humour, and mysticism with a sinister edge. Eagerly awaiting the next one; hope it comes soon.”


    Joe S.

  • Tristan Goodfellow of Galway Book Club:

    … there are lots of concepts to help stimulate those brain cells.

    The character of Barbelo, I found to be very interesting.

    There’s no beating about the bush with him. He’s straight to the point about everything and I think that the intense dialogue portrays this very well. I also like the idea that he seems to struggle with his emotions a lot. On the one hand, he’s very tough and thick-skinned. He tries to pass a lot of things off in the story as being idiotic or as being lunacy (especially many of the things that Brid tells him) but yet; he can’t seem to help himself paying attention to it and at least considering the possibilities. He finds himself questioning his own beliefs more and more – beliefs which he knows are often the product of his own brutal conditioning as an orphan and as a soldier.

    There are lots of other interesting characters in the book which for me continuously peaked my interest in the story. There’s a lot of variation and the pace of the story is quick. I thought the balance was very good throughout and compared with some of the books I have read in the book club, including Booker Prize winners such as The Sea or DBC Pierre’s Vernon God Little; Barbelo’s Blood is easily on a par with them, and better than many of the books.

    In a nutshell, I really enjoyed this book – just take your time with it Thanks again to everyone who showed up and congrats to Joe and Neil on the great achievement!

    Tristan Goodfellow of Galway Book Club.

  • Andy Dolman:

    I’ve been recommending this book to everybody, Barbelo’s Blood is the best book I’ve read all year! I finished it in just two days and immediately wanted to start reading it again, and will. I only wish I had the words to describe it ……. maybe like Ken Bruen said like Joseph Heller on Crystal meth and then I would add every good book I’ve ever read too because there really is nothing like it! Simply brilliant. I can’t wait for the sequel.

    Andy Dolman

  • Sandra Richardson:

    If you’re a conspiracy buff or an avid reader of good literature(as I am), Barbelo’s Blood is the book for you! Great story, it does everything it says on the cover and more – though heed the words of caution because this book is NOT for the feint hearted.

    Sandra Richardson, London

  • Barbelo’s Blood was a great discovery for me. I haven’t read such a wild, rollicking, rock’em sock’em. action packed, hilarious novel in a long time. Joseph Ferri is an exceptionally talented, brilliant author. I’m eagerly looking forward to his next book.

    Steele Curry

    (A passionate mystery/thriller reader and collector from Calgary, Canada).